How Booking A Trip on a WannaJet Private Jet Charter Works

1. Select your itinerary (works with zip codes).
2. Post your travel plan or join another group's travel plan.
3. Once there is sufficient amount of members joining the group, you will receive by email a travel plan confirmation request.
4. Once all participants have confirmed their original travel plan, the itinerary is confirmed.
5.When the confirmation is recorded, the amount charged is not refundable.
6. WannaJet then finds the appropriate aircraft on behalf of the group and negotiates the fare.
7. Your credit card will only be debited 2 hours prior to take off. If the flight is cancelled by the jet operator due to inclement weather or force majeure, you will not be charged.
8. If 72 hours prior to departure, there are only 3 participants in the group who have confirmed their original travel plan, Wannajet will offer you to find an aircraft against a 30% premium on top of the original estimated price. You will have the opportunity to give away to charity the premium you have been charged for, provided that WannaJet can find the need for it amongst its contacts with charity organizations.
9. If the number of participants doesn't meet the minimum size (3), the travel plan will becancelled and you will be informed per email.
10. If your travel plan is cancelled, WannaJet will be happy to assist you booking a ticket with your preferred commercial carrier.
There is no cancellation fees if the cancellation occurs prior to receiving by email a confirmation request for your original travel plan. There is a 40% cancellation charge if you decide to cancel your travel plan upon receiving the confirmation request. Therefore, we recommend you to monitor the group participants and re-assess regularly your travel needs accordingly.
Only the group members can board the aircraft booked on their behalf. No substitution is allowed. We recommend you to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to departure. Seats are not assigned. First come, first serve. There should be always 1 or 2 seats free for your comfort.
We strive to provide the best service and will always do our outmost to give you the best possible experience at an affordable price that compares favorably with business class fares.