WannaJet’s New Service Allows you to Travel with a Private Jet for the Price of a Business Class Fare

If there are only 3 participants, they will be asked whether they agree to pay a 30% premium. If all 3 agree, their travel plan will be confirmed.

If there are only 2 participants, the travel plan will have to be cancelled as WannaJet can not guarantee the quoted price published during the itinerary booking request.
The group participant number will be updated accordingly. It does not affect the itinerary. The group will still need to reach the minimum of 4 participants so that the travel pan can be closed. 
If one participant cancels his/her travel plan after the group closing request has been sent, it will not affect the other participants. At that stage, the flight has been arranged with the jet operator.
Each traveler is entitled to a 15 minute late window. Past those 15 minutes, the boarding will be closed to avoid further delay for the other participants.
We consider this as a courtesy to the other participants.

Should all participants on board agree with the pilots that hey can wait some extra time, WannaJet will recommend to the jet operator to show some flexibility.
However, we strongly advise our clients to arrive at least 15 minute prior to the scheduled departure time.

Our clients should expect to allocate on average 10 minutes from the time they leavef their car or limousine to the time they can board the aircraft.
Unfortunately, that is not possible. It is a regulatory issue and can not be circumvented.

Once a travel plan has been closed and the aircraft reserved with the jet operator, the law does not allow to add or swap passengers.
The law requires us to book a flight only after the group has formed and the itinerary is proposed and closed.

Therefore we recommend our clients to regularly assess their travel plan needs and modify them prior to the group closing request has been sent by WannaJet.

Once the group closing request has been received, the group participants can no longer change their original travel plan.
Because we assume the group participants don't know each other, we recommend our clients to be diligent about confidential information or documents they might have or read during the flight.

However, our clients have the ability to include their Company name (and Company name only) as part as the flight information details sent to all participants once the aircraft has been booked with the jet operator. If all participants do agree, everyone will know if a competitor has joined the group.

We pride ourselves to promote networking and are confident that our clients will value the opportunity to meet new acquaintances.  
As an agent for its clients, WannaJet will charter the aircraft leveraging the entire private jet operator inventory.

This can only be done once all participants have validated their travel plan.
By doing so, WannaJet will find the best deal and thus offers a firm price at reservation. We also locate the best aircraft available.
There are typically 1 or 2 seats free so that clients can move around and relax during the flight.

There are more than 5,000 aircrafts registered in the United States and a big proportion is available for charter. Just out of the main airports like New York Teterboro, Chicago Exec Airport or Los Angeles Van Nuys, there is between 90  and 150 available aircraft for charter.
We recommend that our clients post their travel plan as early as possible. This will increase their opportunity to have other participants join their group and provide us more time to find a best available aircraft.
Clients will pay directly the hotel or limousine partner with no commission or admin fee from us.

WannaJet offers a 15% corporate discount to all its customers.

We do charge however a monthly fee to the companies that are advertising on our website. They have an exclusive right for the airport they wish to service and should our customers ask for limousine or hotel, we would exclusively work with those advertisers.
Hence, we advise our clients to check our partner's website to ensure the travel partner selected offers what you are looking for.
This is the optimal number of participants to:

1) Offer an affordable price that compares favorably with business class fares. Four to six participants require only a light or mid size jet, which is a more affordable aircraft. 

2) Help the group participants easily find other participants. Some larger jets can accommodate up to 10 or 12 passengers but would require a larger number of minimum participants—likely 8 to 10. This can certainly be arranged for a bigger group.
The client's credit card will be debited 2 hours prior to departure once the travel plan has been validated.

In the event of a cancellation upon receiving the group closing request, the card holder will be charged 40% of the quoted price. 
All jet operators must meet FAA standards. All aircrafts have been certified under Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR)

In addition, WannaJet will look for Wyvern or ARG/US gold or platinum certified operators.
These are both industry standards that far exceed current government regulatory oversight.

1) ARG/US is the industry leader in the field of aviation information collection, distribution and analysis. ARG/US has developed an industry-leading program of safety monitoring & on-site audits of all air carriers. Items monitored & audited include each carrier's operating history, maintenance procedures & flight crew experience.The audit process consists of a monitoring of the FAA's and National Transportation & Safety Boards (NTSB) six different databases: Pilot Certificates, Aircraft Registration, Operator Certificates, Accident & Incident Report, Enforcement Actions and Ownership & Management

2) The Wyvern Operating Standards™are an enhanced set of safety measurement criterion, which were developed over the years in cooperation with The Wyvern Customer Advisory Board. CAB's panel consists of representatives from the most sophisticated & demanding corporate flight departments in the world. Wyvern's safety audit programs strengths lie in the experience, qualifications & superior training of its audit teams. Wyvern assigns two specialists to every audit, one for operations & one for maintenance.
The typical Wyvern operations auditor is an ATP rated pilot, with thousands of relevant flight hours & experience in both management & quality assurance. As for maintenance auditors, Wyvern selects only those auditors who have obtained an FAA Airframe&Powerplant Certificate, with Inspection Authority & like their counterparts in operations, almost all have extensive management experience.Of all the 1,177 FAR Part 135 fatalities from January 1991 to April 2009, none (0.00%) involved a Wyvern-recommended aircraft or aircrew.

For more please visit:
http://www.aviationresearch.com/ or 

WannaJet will never sell, rent, or give your name or information to anyone.

We will only use your profile information to better serve you. For example, based on your food allergies or food preferences, we will order the appropriate menu for you to enjoy during your trip. 
There is actually a sufficient inventory in the US market. Aircraft fly on average 1.5 hour per day and thus there is no need for WannaJet to invest in planes at the moment. This allows WannaJet to pass on the savings to its clients.
As your agent, WannaJet is not allowed by law to work with or represent any jet operator.

The key to offering the best price to our clients is to leverage the entire jet operators' fleet.

However, should WannaJet have the choice, we will work in priority with former operators who have demonstrated outstanding service and professionalism.
As your agent, WannaJet applies its expertise and leverage to arrange the best charter service.

Your contract is actually with the jet operator. By agreeing with WannaJet terms and conditions, you allow WannaJet to act as your agent to sign a contract with the jet operator on your behalf.

WannaJet website features allow its clients to form groups sharing similar travel plans, who in turn jointly designate WannaJet to go find the best aircraft. In addition, WannaJet seeks to build customer loyalty by offering a wide variety of personalized services to assist clients with their travel plans.
There are no upfront fees. Any travel plan posting is absolutely free.

There is no deposit required.

Your credit card is debited only 2 hours prior to departure or when you incur cancellation charges after you received your group closing request. We recommend that you to carefully read our terms and conditions for cancellation charges.