Why I Think Travelers Will Not Go Back To Business Class Flights After Experiencing An Affordable Private Jet
As a frequent traveler, experiencing the many difficulties of commercial travel, I knew that there had to be a more efficient and stress-free way to travel. Commercial business class flights are not what they once were and with private jets being underutilized I wondered if there was a way to merge the two concepts.
After much research and exploration of the possibilities I created WannaJet. My core idea was to find a way to provide the comforts and convenience of a private jet charter that was competitively priced when compared to business class fares.
So, I invite you to imagine skipping the hassle of the large terminal experience: traffic, long lines, additional fees, and uncomfortable chairs to sit in to wait and wait and wait… to finally board your plane. With WannaJet your parking space is located by the plane and within minutes you are aboard a luxurious private jet.
Unlike other charter jet services, there is no guess work on pricing—you know the cost of the trip at the time of your reservation. We arrange groups of 4 to 6 people to keep your price down.
I also wanted no skimping on amenities:
  • Complementary hotel and limousine concierge services
  • Catering to suit even the most discriminating palate
  • Full soft drink and alcohol beverage service
  • Generous loyalty program
Once you experience WannaJet’s pricing, customer service, and unique private jet experience, I am confident that you will never go back to business class flights.
We look forward to being of service to you.

Philippe Bo,
Founder & CEO
Chartered Private Jets With Prices Comparable To Business Class
You can join a small number of fellow travelers going your way on a private jet. 

Exclusive private jets are now available at competitive prices through WannaJet’s one-of-a-kind charter services. This unique service makes reserving a private jet simple with prices comparable to business class fares.
We keep your price down by putting together groups of 4 to 6 people and negotiating discounted, fixed rates for your charter service.

WannaJet was founded in early 2010 and is privately owned. Our tailored organizational design allows us to cut administrative overhead and pass the savings on to our customers. By leveraging the entire jet fleet it allows us to offer our clients competitive rates equal to many business class fares.

The benefits of sharing private jets are the opportunity to meet and socialize with other professionals like yourself, while relaxing in comfort as you travel.
Travel often? Our loyalty program allows passengers to accumulate credits of jet service to be used at your discretion. Take the family on vacation or a romantic getaway, it’s your choice.
Once your reservation is made you can cancel your flight at any time without incurring a cancelation fee as long as you cancel before WannaJet creates your travel group and sends you a group closing notice.

With a strong commitment to our most valuable resources WannaJet donates a percentage of its profits to children and environmental causes. Preserving the earth and enhancing the lives of children is an important cause for us.
Flying on private jets is a time saver for the frequent flyer. We strive to offer our clients convenience, exclusiveness, and a unique flying experience at competitive business class fares.